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Mother’s Day

Mother’s and Father’s Days are the most rushed days Sam and I experience all year

We have 2 of each…

As we both treasure our parents, we obviously want to ensure there is enough time to spend with both families
This led to our Mother’s Day, starting at 6am
We decided to meet up with Sam’s mom at 7am for breakfast. We also knew that we would like to spend some ‘down’ time at home in the late afternoon too and this meant rushing over to my mom at 11am (they live 80km apart!)

Although we had a wonderful day, I must admit, I am feeling a little drained today

Our solution?
Get both families together for a big celebration on days such as these

We have decided to try this for Father’s Day. At least then we can all eat breakfast at a decent hour in the morning, as my stomach cringes at 7am on any given Sunday morning…

To our Mom's, whom without we may never have made it through first grade

To our Mom's, whom without we may never have made it through first grade

*** I will keep you posted on how our Father’s Day turns out ***


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I recently had a friend help me set up a blog for a work project (check it out here)

So, when Elaine told me I will absolutely love bloggin’, I didn’t realise to what extent she would be right!

So, here’s a little bit about this blog…

Sam and I will keep you updated about the Mendes Household Antics ie. Sam, Charlene, Rossi, Senna and Zoe
We will let you know what we have been up to!

For starters, we have two min pins (brothers), who think they are masters of our universe

Senna & Rossi with Mommy

and then there’s Zoe, our African Grey, who knows she is master of the universe


The 5 of us generally live in harmony, however, there is always a lot of activity within our 4 walls

So, here’s to all dog and bird lovers enjoying our site!


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