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Photo Dare

So, Elaine told me how her sister, Jeanette, took a dare to take a photo every day for 1 year, and post it. I believe this is how Jeanette found her love for photography.

I was chatting to Sam about it last night and he is really keen. I think we will first see how this weekend goes at the Kruger, but I assume either one of us will find a love for it too (I think it will be him :-))

So anyway, we were already running late this morning for work and I was rushing around to feed all the ‘children’ in the house. When I was done I called out to find out where he was…we’re late ya know… I’ll give you 3 guesses… He found a spider in it’s web in the garden. Ordinarily he would’ve killed it. Today? He took a pic of it!!!… (I will post it later…)

One thing we have come to relaise is that we will need a second battery to start off with. We still take time playing with the camera before we are satisfied with the shot. But, rather figure this one out now than when waiting for the perfect big cat shot over the weekend…
I know, I know, we will take the compacts with… But I still can’t wait for some decent play-time with the camera… Maybe a walk through the camp taking shots of arb things… When we’re late for something… Just kidding Babe…

Before I get back to work….

Go Blue Bulls!!!!


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